Roadmap UPDATED! Legal / Privacy / Services is Under-Process, and will be announced!

Transfers, Exchanging and Payment Methods

G Technology

Future of Cash

G is a payment solution system based on Blockchain technology.

Your Money is Protected

G has its own coin as it has its own Blockchain-Based Internally & instantly convert to any desired payment method, 

The initiation exclusively runs by its interlized-owner.

GCC is Also G!

G based token is called "GCC", the tokens is exchangeable/ traderable, and WE HAVE NO PLANS OF HOLDING ANY  Central Authorities and/or ownership over it.


Winter-Spring 2018

  • Solution research initiation.
  • GCC ICO release*.  

*G Cash ICO's Issued through waves are still in hold, to be decided if waves is the final choice as a platform.

Spring-Summer 2018

  • Official Website Launching.
  • Road-Map Releasing.

Summer-Fall 2018

  • White-Paper Release.

Fall-Winter 2018

  • Backend Integration system Launching.
  • End-User Interface Release.

Winter-Spring 2019

  • Public Press conference.
  • Official world-wide announcement.

Summer-Fall 2019

  • G Crypto-Cash Payment Solution Official Launching.

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